Turbine Flow Meter !



UNITECH - 100 are 2 wire turbine flow transmitter specially used for various industrial application. The flowing media engages a vaned rotor causing it to rotate at an angular velocity proportional to flow rate.

The Pick-up coil senses the spinning motion of the rotor inside the pipe & converts it into a pulsating electrical signal. Summation of the pulsating electrical signal is directly related to the total flow. The frequency is linearly proportional to flow rate which is converted to electrical signed 4-20mA.
Media liquids (clear)
Viscosity 100 cp max
Pick Off Type Magnetic Sensor
Line Size 40 NB to 150 NB
Display 8X1 LCD
Type of Output 4 to 20 mA DC, 2 wire
Calibration Range As per requirement (Factory Calibrated)
Accuracy +/-1% F.S.
Linearity +/-1%
Repeatability +/-1%
Pressure Drop Approx. 0.28 kg/cm2 at max. flow
Turn Down Ratio 10:1 to 100:1
Process Temperature 150°C max
Process Pressure 30 kg/cm2 max
Material Of Construction Body, Bearings, Support & Flanges - SS 316/Teflon Rotor-SS 410/ SS 410 with Teflon coating, Shaff - tungsten carbide.
Power Supply Loop powered, 24 VDC excited
Power Consumption < 40 m W
Response Time < 100 m Sec
Temperature Coefficient +/-0.01% per°C
Transmitter Enclosure Flame-proof,IP-65/IP-66,IIA,IIB CMRI certified
Process Connections Flanged/Threaded/Tri-clover
Mounting In-Line (Horizontal OR Vertical)
Operating Conditions Temperature 0 to 55°C/Humidity 5 to 95% non Condensing
Extra Power Supply Option 1.24 VDC @ 30mA
  Option 2.24 VDC @ 500mA
Turbine Flow meter is used to measure the flow of water.
It can be used to measure the flow of diesel.
It can be used to measure the flow of petrol & vegetable oil.
It can be used to measure the flow of chemical (S.S. with Teflon coating)
It can be used for milk plant.

2 Wire System
Simple & Cost Effective Construction.
Provides Wide Flow Ranges
Local Display As 8 X 1 Lcd
Outstanding Accuracy For Clean & Low Viscosity Application.
Operates Over Wide Ranges Of Temperature & Pressure.
Easy Maintenance.
Flame-proof, IP-65/IP-66,IIA,IIB CMRI Certified Housing.

Sl. No. Flow (m/hr) Flow (MLD) Flow (ft/sec)
1 40 3.4 to 34.0 56.6 to 566.6
2 50 6.8 68.0 133 to 1133
3 80 13.5 to 135.0 225 to 2250
4 100 270 to 270.0 450 to 4500
5 150 55.0 to 550.0 916 to 9166